Ein Stolperstein nach dem anderen

Das Warten auf einen ordentlichen Tradingstart ist schon eine harte Geduldsprobe und der Informationsfluß sehr stark verbesserungswürdig. Damit wenigstens wir unsere Leser nicht länger als erzwungen warten lassen, die Mitteilung hat uns heute morgen erreicht, hier schon einmal das Wochenupdate von NextGen, wenn auch wieder nur in Englisch (die nächste Baustelle!).

One day later as promised, but yesterday when we already prepared the newsletter, some good news came in and we concentrated on the tasks which required immediate attention to speed up certain processes. Trading is very tough this week as there is very low volatility, lots of side ranges and many fake break outs. At the moment we hold some very good swing positions in the DAX and USD/JPY (currently 0.4 % unrealized profit), but it is hard to say if the trades succeed or if it will be a zero % round this week. There is still the chance for the targeted one %, it only depends on today’s market movements.

Trading Update

We had a short delay on the FIX API testing as the head of the trading company had a small accident on Monday and had to stay in the hospital until Wednesday. Two hours ago he could do the first successful connection tests with the demo accounts and he continues his work during the night. So far, the programmers did a good job and everything works as expected.

Also MT4 was delivered and we are currently setting up the accounts and the trading systems for the breakout strategies. As soon as the margin account with the LP is ready and funded (we move funds from the MT5 margin account, so it’s only internal and no bank delays prevail) we can also start trading with the Metatrader 4.

With the weekly status update on Sunday, we should be possible to give accurate information for next week.

Credit Card deposits

As we were now waiting more than two months on 2Pay4You, because we got almost every week the information that credit card deposits will work very soon, we decided to not wait any longer and go with another company. We contacted NetPay on Tuesday and sent them all required information they need for their risk management and got a very positive answer yesterday. They are happy to provide us with credit card processing and we also got a very competitive rate. We finalized the application yesterday and paid the setup fee and we are expecting a smooth integration, as they have lots of integration features. To keep the credit card processing secure, we decided to go for the advanced functionality and implement the processing into our website, so there is no redirect to an external website. To avoid any fraud, there will be also some security measures on our side. All details will be summarized in the weekly status update on Sunday.


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